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Private Brand Partnership

We provide services exclusively for the partner, so the partner can market the service provided anonymously by us, under its own company’s name.

Best fit for

  • The companies that have their brands established and do not intend to invest in a technical team
  • The companies that are already occupied with work from your existing client and are not able to accept new clients
  • The companies that have a great Sales Team but not the expertise for service
  • The companies that have overloading projects
  • An independent marketing professional, serving a client base with requirements for Web applications and Mobile applications
  • An independent IT professional routinely coming across queries from the clients for Website Design and Development


At Tecnovators, our teams of professionals follow all the software engineering principles to complete the project within the agreed timeline. When you engage and partner with us for your project, our core team members get completely involved with the project until it’s finally delivered and is approved by the customer. With prompt and transparent communication, we deliver projects that stand in par with the competitors. The project for Tecnovators is never ending; we provide complete assistance to the client even after a project has been completed.

Expand the reach

While we focus on your project delivery…

Reduced Cost

Stay confident with our competitive and reasonable pricing

Increase Your Value

Amongst your customers by delivering quality projects dispatched to you by us

No Hidden Charges

We quote in advance backing up with a detailed scope for you to estimate early in the process

Reliable & Approachable

With our transparent & prompt communication methods we are reliable & easily approachable

We Value

We value your reputation & projects so we make sure you look good in every aspect


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