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we are an enthusiastic team of experts with professional expertise in all the areas of Website Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, Custom Software Development and CMS Development. Tecnovators team of professionals equip themselves with the latest trends and technologies to meet the requirements of the fast-growing world.

If you already have a clear scope of the project you need done, then we can easily estimate the full, fixed cost. This kind of collaboration is ideal for projects with defined needs and boundaries. Our presales team will assist you in meeting an initial estimate and will then make sure your goals are met.


  • Clear deadline
  • Know the cost from day1
  • Ideal for project up to 4 months in duration
  • Limited Iterations

This is a right model for a project with ever evolving scope or for projects which are having smaller scopes but are part of bigger applications. Purchase block of hours and use development team effort within set period.


  • No fixed commitment
  • Pay as you go
  • Flat hourly rate
  • No scope, Just Goals
  • Direct contact with team
  • 100% flexible on hour consumption

Our Team is your team, Hire a dedicated developer for your project with us. At Tecnovaters, we follow unique methodology through which we meet our client’s requirements in an affordable, organized and scalable manner.


  • 30 day commitment
  • 100% flexibility to hire a developer for either part or full time,
  • No long term contracts
  • Flat Hourly rate
  • No scope, Just Goals
  • Strictly comply with NDA’s
  • Source Code Authorization
  • Efficient and Skilled Resources
  • Direct contact with team


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